There are so many ways that we are negative or experience negativity  every day, we don’t even realise it is happening. And it all affects your vibration, bringing you down.

This is an incredibly important aspect of the manifestation process to mater, because if we are holding on to negativity we are creating blocks. Being able to let go of negative thoughts, feelings, behaviours, experiences and people is truly food for the soul. It is liberating. It is life changing.

Does this scenario sound familiar: you are annoyed with someone for something, so you spend hours rehearsing what you are going to say to them? You have this pretend conversation over and over again. Numerous variations of the conversation each time you think of something else to say. Imagining their reaction and then dreaming up your response. And so it goes. Well…. Big surprise…. You are putting those negative thoughts and words out into the universe, and they are affecting your vibration negatively.

This is a tricky one to get through, these are such ingrained habits that is takes time to re-programme our own behaviours.

Here is a tip which has really helped me: when I catch myself having a rehearsal or pretend conversation I say the mantra “I release all negativity that lies in my mind and body. I let go of negative thoughts”.

This helps when you are having negative thoughts or feelings in general not just for the pretend conversations. I find I actually feel a sense of relief after the third or fourth time; I can feel the negativity leaving my body.

Another way to eliminate negativity is to find positive ways of saying something, for example instead of saying “I hate XYZ” say “I prefer ABC” or “I would love to see more of ABC”.

Your language is really powerful – this includes language in thoughts, speech and writing. Putting negative words out there lowers your vibration. Positive words vibrate at a higher frequency. If you are working at releasing the negativity by thinking, saying and writing in a positive manner, you will significantly increase your vibration.

Ways to eliminate negativity and raise your vibration include:

Stop watching low vibration TV

Hard to do I know, but really those nasty, toxic reality or super violent shows are not good for your soul.

It might be a huge ask to give them up initially but after a while you will feel so much better. I am a giant Sons of Anarchy fan but now that I do not watch much TV, I can honestly say I feel distinctly down after I watch a few episodes. In saying that, if there are shows that are upbeat and really lift your spirits I don’t see why you can’t watch those every now and then.

A point to help you through this one: TV shows or movies evoke emotion and thoughts in us as we are watching. Those emotions and thoughts are filtered through our vibration into the universe. So basically, what we are watching is what we are putting out. Shows that make us sad have us putting sad vibes out there … you don’t want that for yourself do you?

ways to eliminate negativity and clear mind
ways to eliminate negativity in your life

Practice self-care

Practicing self-care is an art that has been lost…. I am sure you have heard the saying “you need to fill your cup before you can give to others” …. Well that is exactly what self-care is about.

You need to tend to your own needs, ensure your energy is vibrating at a higher level so that you are in a position to give to others. There are so many wonderful ways to practice self-care. From exercising and taking care of your body to getting enough sleep, pampering and treating yourself in loving ways.

Listen to your body, listen to your intuition and you will always be guided to do what is best for your higher good.

Using essential oils, drinking good coffee, eating good quality dark chocolate, getting enough rest and sleep, reading a feel-good book, doing the crossword on a Sunday morning, running 10 miles, the list truly is endless – whatever fills your cup, do more of that.

I would say there is 1 essential element to self-care and that would be to have technology free time (sorry) – no social media. NO SOCIAL MEDIA!!!! Do I need to say it again?

In fact I challenge you to have 1 social media free day per week as part of your self-care routine ….. this is a challenge set with love and good intentions. You will thank me for it I promise. I can honestly say that my technology free day is now my absolute favourite day of the week.

Spend Time in Nature

Self-explanatory really. Any time you get to spend in nature, whether it be in your own garden or a local park or nature reserve, is revitalizing because we draw energy from nature and are able to tap into the rhythm of the universe. Sand, sea, rivers, trees, mountains are all phenomenal sources of life force energy, they are grounding and healing. You really can’t get enough.

ways to eliminate negativity in your soul
grounding with the elements water

Take a sea salt bath

Salts are really good at restoring minerals, grounding, relaxing and ultimately raising your vibration. A weekly salt bath is a great way to unwind, ground and practice the all-important self-care. They are inexpensive and readily available – I use a combination of sea salt and Epsom salts – 2 cups in total in a nice warm bath with a dash of lavender oil.

Eat natural foods

Nourishing your body with natural foods is essential. Processed foods contain harmful chemicals that all lower your vibration. Fruits, vegetables, grains, seeds and nuts are all a great source of nutrition and are perfect for raising your vibration as you draw essential, natural energy from them.

We live in a fast-paced world, so I appreciate how easy it is to eat convenience food regularly, but you are not doing yourself, or your family, any favours. Try to eat fresh food as often as you can. Even if it is learning 1 new recipe a week. Every little bit helps.

Making your own granola from oats, nuts and seeds does not take a huge amount of time and is incredibly nutritious. Endearing to eat a piece of fruit every day. Buying a vegetable juice instead of a coffee once a week. Drink water instead of soda … water nourishes your body and raises your vibration. Soda, even diet versions, is full of toxins and sugar, they are basically poison for your body and hugely lower your vibration.

You do not need to become a health food enthusiast, just a few small changes will be good to start.

eliminate negativity from your space


Forgiving people and forgiving yourself in particular is a wonderful way to release negative feelings, thoughts and energies that weigh you down and keep you in low vibration.

Forgiveness is liberating.

Forgiveness does not condone what someone has done that has hurt you. Rather it sets you free from the burden, brings you peace and a sense of joy. There are many affirmations and guided meditations to assist you in truly forgiving on a soul level.

I have recorded powerful guided meditations for forgiveness and letting go, have a look on to download and enjoy as and when you need.

true forgiveness