As a parent with children in the school system who are trying to cope with the ever-increasing workload and pressures that modern day life throws at them, I am fully aware of how tough it can be down in the trenches. It is an overwhelming and sometimes lonely place for both yourself and your children. I have a son currently feeling the overwhelm exponentially, and it hurts to watch from the sidelines as he struggles to cope.

With that being said, I am not one to lie down and let my baby suffer. I have developed a 9-minute guided meditation aimed at providing a safe place, reducing anxiety and building belief in his capabilities.

Guided Meditation for Confidence

It is with great love and admiration to all those parents out there that I offer this meditation for you to download for free and use for your own children. My little man listens to it quietly in the morning before he goes to school and reports back that it leaves him feeling calm and confident to take on his day.

Click here for the meditation

I hope it brings some calm and builds the confidence your son or daughter need to get them through the tough times.

With love and light, as always

Kate xx