connect with inner intuition

Somewhere along the journey of the modern, people have lost the ability to connect with their intuition…. Some are not even sure what intuition is…. So many of us are living in an ego-based reality, a place where we are constantly seeking approval outside of ourselves and behaving in a way that is not consistent with the love that resides within us all. Power hungry, image conscious and feelings of being superior or inferior; addictions to food, alcohol, drugs, affirmations from others and power. It is a sad state of affairs and symptomatic of a lack of grounding whilst listening to the ego as truth, no longer able to hear our higher selves who seek to guide us.

What is Intuition?

If you google intuition you will find a whole heap of explanations: it is a gut feeling; it is the ability to acquire knowledge without evidence or conscious reasoning; it is your first mind. For me, intuition is a form of my higher self, nestled safety somewhere within me. It is the all-knowing, wise woman who guides me through my life to ensure I make the right choices and decisions, from small day-to-day things to life-changing decisions.

Whatever intuition means to you, it is important for you to connect with your intuition, get to know your intuition, spend time with your intuition and establish a comfortable relationship with your intuition. We are all born with our own truth, and once we are connected and receiving direction from our higher selves, we able to tap into the universe and live a life that flows with ease.

I connect with my higher self through meditation and have prepared a guided meditation to assist you in connecting with and getting to know your intuition.

Your intuition is only interested in serving you for your highest good, it is the most honest relationship you will ever have, and once you have connected with your intuition you will continue to reap the benefits.

Journaling is another way to tap into your intuition.

Jotting down your thoughts in free writing helps your mind get your thoughts out, and it helps you answer questions you may have. Free writing means jotting down whatever comes to mind without consciously thinking about what you are writing. You can pose a question to yourself before you start, then put down all your thoughts and analyse those afterwards to find your answers.

Benefits to being in touch with your intuition include being alerted to new ideas and opportunities; sensing when something is not right; making decisions that are for your highest good; and sensing people’s intentions or vibrations.

As an example: I connect with my intuition when I want to know which chakras are blocked and need healing; I connect with my intuition when I need clarity on how to deal with a conflict situation; I connect with my intuition for guidance on decisions around my life path. I also connect with my intuition when I am needing reassurance over something that causes me feelings of insecurity or anxiety.

My intuition brings me such clarity and with it comes the peace of mind that I am following the right path – acting out of love not ego, and making decisions for my highest good in the most positive way.

As you regularly connect with your intuition, it will get easier and become second nature to you.

Try this guided meditation for yourself: Connecting with Your Intuition