Listen to the diverse experiences these people have had using The Gift of Health

First meet Allison:

Allison is a highly intuitive and gifted Energy Healer and Teacher with almost 3 decades experience across various energy healing modalities. She is the founder and creator of The Gift of Health.

Allison’s understanding is that all forms of natural healing are working with Life Force, and the more we can feel our connection with this Force, the deeper our work will become. With a call to follow her own heart and focus on feeling rather than knowing, Allison developed The Gift of Health.

Meet Sue – a Physiotherapist

Sue is a highly respected Physiotherapist with a interest in energy work. She has realised that it is not enough to just work with the physical body and has been successfully integrating The Gift of Health practice into her physio work with amazing results.

Meet Christian – a Yoga Teacher & Healer

Christian found The Gift of Health practice incredibly easy to learn and uses it regularly as a self-healing practice as well as to create meditation groups to teach others to heal themselves.

Meet Kate – an Energy Healer & mother

Kate has used The Gift of Health to successfully control her PCOS and is now an Energy Healer, using the practice to work with clients across the globe. Even her children use The Gift of Health – watch to see her son Cole speak about his experience using The Gift of Health.

Meet Kim – a Nurse

Kim uses The Gift of Health to keep herself healthy, both physically, mentally and emotionally within an incredibly demanding role. She experiences such beautiful tranquility and peace with the practice.

Meet Fiona – a Mother

Fiona had experienced extreme fertility problems that were completely overcome through use of The Gift of Health. She found a lot of peace and comfort in the healing energy.

Meet Jan – a Teacher

Jan has used The Gift of Health daily during the Covid Pandemic to bring peace, calm and re-balancing energy into a life filled with constant change. She found a new way of living and coping independently. She was nervous about learning online but found The Gift of Health to be a life changing experience. Health is the New Wealth!

Meet Sandy – a Teacher & mother

Sandy and her family have been experiencing The Gift of Health for years. They have found great healing, peace and comfort for many different things, including post-cancer treatment, emotional burnout, chronic pain and re-balancing the energetic system. Sandy also uses The Gift of health for distance healing for her beloved pets, with great results.