Learning to Self-Heal

“Thank you so much for the beautiful teachings yesterday. The wisdom, gentleness, kindness and love I felt were so inspiring. I feel privileged to have learnt these skills.”

Gift of Healing

“As a physiotherapist, I often become depleted as a result of ‘giving out’ energetically throughout the day. My body feels lighter and happier with me! I feel there is more of ‘me’ to contribute to the world now! Thank you! “

Inner peace

“What an amazing experience. If you are looking for inner peace and a connection with a higher being, I would fully recommend this unassuming workshop filled with pure love.”


“I really enjoyed this workshop and learnt so much from it. I’ve been using the tools once a week and found that I am a much happier and more positive person. I feel an overall peace at heart and will definitely recommend this workshop to others.”