energy healer: Benefits to myself and my clients

“As an energy healer myself, and having experienced the high vibration of Allison Slater’s The Gift of Health I highly recommend these energetic body practices for healing and well-being, so much so that I now use these processes daily in sessions with my clients – their feedback has been so positive as they too feel the benefits. The cost of this product is truly affordable, and with your small investment you gain so much more, a life time of health and well-being. Thank you Allison.”

Improvement in health, energy and love

“I went to Allison to help me cope with the combined stress of running my own business and going through a divorce. Her work has helped me find a sense of balance and grounding that has not only reset, but also rejuvenated, my drive, mind, body and soul. I have become more stable and have had a noticeable improvement in health, energy and love….a renewed zest for life! I am now sharing this new faith in love and peace with others”.

Helped work through grief and achieve physical well-being

“The GIFT OF HEALTH practice is amazing and comes with high recommendation from myself and my family. I have worked with it for many months and now together with my family during these uncertain time. It was my biggest gift in helping me work through grief and my spiritual, mental and physical well-being. Thank you GIFT OF HEALTH for helping me find inner and healing. Our world needs uplifting and healing right now, let’s help spread this love and healing through the GIFT OF HEALTH practice. Appreciation and gratefulness to Allison Slater and Kate Mayo.”.

Reached new levels of peace and self-reliance

“In this workshop, Allison passes on wisdom gained through years of experience and study.  I gained the ability to reach new levels of peace and self-reliance.  Allison creates a relaxed and interactive environment where each person is able to understand the healing process.   This workshop comes highly recommended, for not only am I an example of how Allison’s work can change someone’s life, but now I am able to share this wisdom with others as well. “

Helped me cope with Stress

“The Gift of Health Audio Practice was given to me as a gift and what a fabulous gift it is!  I use it on a regular basis and at the end of every session I feel very peaceful, relaxed and balanced.  This deep inner peace has helped me cope with the very stressful time I am going through at the moment.  What fascinates me about this practice is that it covers all aspects of our energetic being – something I haven’t found in any other work I’ve done.  A few of us have formed a group and work together on a weekly basis.  We so enjoy this as the group energy is incredibly strong, peaceful and uplifting.  I can’t thank you enough, Allison and Kate for all the help you’ve given me.”

Well done and user friendly

“I’ve used the audio download and I love it.  Went through it twice- it’s very well done, clear and user friendly.  This is a great user aid for anyone and very well presented.  Thank you for this wonderful gift and especially for all your kindness and support.   I’m using the energy healing methods regularly on myself and bask in the feeling of lightness and calmness after.  Thank you again so much.”

highly recommended practice

“I highly recommend the Gift of Health Energetic Body Practice – been doing these practices for the past few weeks and I can truly feel it doing its magic . Thank you Kate Mayo & Allison Slater, this truly a gift of health.”

physiotherapist; Gift of Healing

“As a physiotherapist, I often become depleted as a result of ‘giving out’ energetically throughout the day. My body feels lighter and happier with me! I feel there is more of ‘me’ to contribute to the world now! Thank you! “

Inner peace and connection

“What an amazing experience. If you are looking for inner peace and a connection with a higher being, I would fully recommend this unassuming workshop filled with pure love.”

Self-Healing; Happiness & Peace

“I really enjoyed this workshop and learnt so much from it. I’ve been using the tools once a week and found that I am a much happier and more positive person. I feel an overall peace at heart and will definitely recommend this workshop to others.”

Life Changing; Healed Trauma

“My few sessions with Allison have been life changing. She is helping me to heal a very sad and traumatic event that happened a few months back. My heart feels lighter and more content. I am so grateful for Allison and the work she is doing”.

A peace beyond all understanding

“I am very grateful for Allison’s healings over the last year. In my healing yesterday I felt lines of energy running up my legs and a very clear message that replayed for most of the treatment – “A peace that’s beyond all understanding”. Thank you for your powerful Gift of Health, Allison. I feel blessed to have got to know you”.

Wonderful gift that graced my life

“I want to thank you so deeply for your wonderful gift of healing that you graced my life with. I am truly so appreciative and thankful, and found your healing pattern so deeply meaningful and valuable, and something I will continue to practice for me, especially to top up my energy! Bless you sweetheart, sending you continued strength and deep love, darling. ”

Trained Nurse; Transformed my life

“As a trained nurse, I was very skeptical and apprehensive about what to expect on my first visit to Allison. I have seen Allison 5 times and she has truly transformed my life! She has eased a heaviness which I have carried around for 13 long years, sorted out my shocking sleep patterns and managed to get me off sleeping tablets. I feel calmer, less emotional and generally much happier within myself. I really have looked forward to my sessions with Allison and so enjoyed my time spent with her and her incredibly calming, gentle voice”.

Phenomenal results

“I had a pinched nerve in my neck for some 2 months and was in extreme pain, before visiting Allison.  An operation was my last resort. I was at my wit’s end when Allison began with her ‘healing hands’.  The result was phenomenal!  I began with weekly sessions, which progressed to bi-weekly and then monthly. I avoided an operation and the positive effect that the sessions had on my overall well being was profound, resulting in a healing of my mind, body and soul. She definitely has a healing touch and I recommend this type of treatment, as a gift to yourself. ”

Letting Go; Beautiful slumber

“Thank you so much for your wonderful healing and feedback. My tummy is feeling much better thank you and I am able to eat more which is good.  I am also getting closer to the point that you mention of letting go of the past and looking deeply at the lessons. I am working more on allowing the universe to guide and support me now.  I am letting go of my need to control everything and allow. To be more in the moment.  Allison, your hearings have made a big difference and I am so grateful to you. You really are an angel.  J. asked me to thank you for your wonderful healing for her this morning. She said she could feel the energy vortex and that sent her off into a beautiful slumber which she woke really energised. She is so grateful.”

Help with Conception

“I came to see Allison about 5 weeks before falling pregnant with my daughter. I had previously been trying to conceive for about 18 months before seeing her, and had had a few fertility treatments that had failed.  I was about to start fertility injections, but decided to have a few healing sessions with her.  They were calming and comforting and I was able to conceive naturally after a few sessions.  I saw Allison throughout my pregnancy and it made me feel so much more connected to my baby.”

Changed my energy; Deepest Sleep

“Thank you so much.  I was very aware of the healing.  I saw the most beautiful colours.  My energy changed and my body relaxed.  I was soo tired and could not wait for it to get dark and go to bed.  For 5 hours I went into the deepest sleep that I can remember. For 25 years I have worked in Private practice in Counselling and Case Management. I knew I was holding much stuff in my body …. I am so grateful for your work …I have recently felt very heavy. That heaviness has now gone. I will continue to work on breathing and relaxation. ”

Learning to Self-Heal

“Thank you so much for the beautiful teachings yesterday. The wisdom, gentleness, kindness and love I felt were so inspiring. I feel privileged to have learnt these skills.”

Peace and Connection; Fully recommend the workshop

“What an amazing day.  If you are looking for peace and connection with a higher being, I would fully recommend Allison’s unassuming workshops filled with pure love.”