Based on the premise that we are all spiritually connected, we can be certain that we have access to guidance from the universe. Guidance which comes in the form of angels, spirit guides, totem guides and synchronicities; were all guidance is an infinite manifestation of the Divine or Higher Self.

The universe is always communicating with us, each and every day in so many ways it catches our attention and guides us in our decision making.

Signs you are on the right path or signs of encouragement

Signs from the universe or our guides come in so many forms and are personal to each of us, but one certainty is that the universe is abundant in signs, they are all around us all the time. Some people get signs in many different ways, others in just one or two ways. We are each unique and there is such beauty in our uniqueness. The key is to remain alert and tuned into your higher self, and before you know it you will be seeing signs everywhere you go.

signs-from-the-universal consciousness

Synchronicities are possibly the most ‘famous’ sign from the universe. I have mentioned the 11:11 sign but this sign can come in any numerical pattern that is seen frequently, each holding its own unique message. 1234; 22:22; 999; 444. The sign is in the fact that you are seeing the number pattern frequently and unexpectedly.

The universe frequently communicates with us through our dreams. Dreams hold much symbolism, it is important to pay attention to your dreams, they are rich with messages and meaning. It is good practice trying to remember your dreams each morning, that way you will tap into any messages or even solutions to problems you have been facing.

This is your intuition letting you know you are on the right path. Once you start meditating regularly and tuning into your intuition you will find it easier and easier to tap into the voice and ask for guidance. Your sense of intuitive messages will be heightened and your skills in tapping into your intuition will be sharpened.

In universal language animals hold meanings and repeatedly seeing a specific animal will have meaning and a message for you (I am not talking about seeing your pet hamster or your neighbour’s dog everyday). A wonderful example is seeing butterflies, especially if they do their little dance in front of you – this is usually a message from a loved one that has passed, letting you know that they are there, and sending you love and light.

Seeing light can indicate that your angels or guides are present. It is said that if you see flickering lights you should pay attention to your thoughts, as there will be a message you need to hear in exactly what you were thinking at the moment the lights flickered. When I see the sun’s rays shining through the clouds I know that my loved ones no longer with me are sending me their love.

Randomly having conversations with people, that you do or do not know, that seem to speak to a problem you are facing, act as messages from the universe. Similarly, if you are trying to make a decision on something and you overhear a conversation or bit of advice or a song on the radio that speaks to your situation, this too is a way the universe is communicating with you.

This can be in the form of actually hearing voices that are not intentionally coming from any human, or it can be in the form of your higher self communicating with you through your advice to others. You will hear yourself giving someone else the exact advice that you need.

Finding feathers can be a sign from our animal totems or a sign from our angels to let us know they are with us.

If you find yourself repeating events in your life, it is a sign that there is something you have to notice and learn before moving on from it. This is a more long-term sign from the Universe, such as repeating abusive relationships and unhealthy life patterns.

Signs you are on the wrong path

As with the positive signs or signs of encouragement that we receive from the universe, so too do we receive signs that we are on the wrong path. These signs alert us to the fact that we need to pay attention to our intuition, become mindful within our lives and assess the choices and decisions we are making.


The universe tries to communicate in the following ways:

That is your intuition screaming ‘NO’ to whatever it is you are doing or about to do. We all know the feeling, we have all experienced at some point. It is different from the nervousness you get when you are about to bungee-jump off a bridge, this uneasy feeling is often about people or everyday situations, so it is easy to recognize. It is important to tune into your intuition regularly so that you are familiar with the voice when it is communicating with you.

Blocks to your actions in some ways such as roadblocks or closed roads which act as things to delay you or change your path. The universe is telling you that you are on the wrong path or heading for the wrong destination. Taking time to tune in to your intuition and receive guidance will soon have you back on the right track.

You keep bumping into things, getting bruises on your arms and legs. It is the universe’s way of trying to get your attention. Next time you walk into a door or bump yourself on the corner of a table, stop and immediately recall what you were thinking about. The universe is telling you that thing or idea or thought is wrong for you. It is uncanny how true this is …. I usually trip or whack my elbow when I am having negative thoughts about someone … the universe is saying “Hey, that is no good for you, negative thoughts affect your vibration!”.

The universe is trying to get through to you, trying to give you a jolt to wake up and assess the situation at hand. Stop fumbling around and pay attention to your life.

It is not normal for us to be constantly quarreling, so if you find arguments every way you turn, know that the universe is sending you a message to regroup, ground yourself and spend some time practicing self-care so that you are able to tap into positivity and get back onto the right path.

This is your intuition bugging you about something and is definitely the time to meditate. Ask your guides to assist you in finding the answer or right path to take. Be still and listen. You will sleep like a baby afterwards.

This can be as severe as a car accident or slipping and falling, or it can be sending an email to the wrong person by accident. Whatever the accident is, it is a sign from the universe to say it is time for an immediate change of course for you.