meditation by the lake

Guided Meditations to connect with inner peace and open channels to your Higher Consciousness

Meditation is a practice whereby one uses stillness and breath to clear the mind and establish channels to one’s higher self and the universe.

  • It is effective in turning the mind inwards to connect with an inner calm and an inner peace.
  • It enables us to reduce mental activity, release our fears and worries, and reduce stress.
  • It allows us to speak to our higher selves, gaining information and guidance.

Meditation can be used to clear blocks and negative emotions such as guilt, fear, anger and grief. It is a wonderfully powerful, yet really simple practice that is nothing short of mind changing. It has a significantly positive effect on the way that people deal with stress, and manage their thought and sleep patterns.

I have recorded a variety of Guided Meditations for you – some are free to download – give them a try. You can adapt each one to suit your needs and circumstance. They are great to have saved on your phone to listen to whenever you can.