Using essential oils in your everyday life is a great way to bring a natural practice into your home and add to raising your vibration. Avoid using chemical products which are not good for us or the environment by incorporating essential oils where you can.

It is really very simple, versatile, cost effective and environmentally friendly, and there are endless benefits to health and life in general.  I cannot sing praises enough. BUT make sure you are using them properly. Essential oils can be applied to the skin (within a carrier oil), put in bath water, used in making cosmetic products and in diffusers.

I wouldn’t ingest them, and whatever you do – note you should never put essential oil directly onto your skin, always use carrier oils. What are carrier oils? A carrier oil is a neutral base oil that is used to dilute the essential oil – you usually use approximately 5ml of carrier to 1-3 drops of essential oil.

Please note that not all essential oils are suitable for children or pregnant women so bear that in mind and always do your research, engage a professional or ask at the health store before use.

I would advise buying your essential oils from a reputable health store, and ensure you store them appropriately to maximize their effectiveness and shelf life. All oils need to be kept in a cool dark place, and if you are making your own blends it is best to use amber bottles so that the properties of the oils are not destroyed by sunlight.

Benefits of essential oils:

Anti-inflammatory, decongestant, anti-fungal, helps with burns, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, lowers blood pressure, relieves colic, acts as an anti-spasmodic, aide digestion, relieves pain, enhances sleep, aids with circulatory problems, treating asthma, colds and flu, treating acne and athlete’s foot….. These are just the benefits of 10 oils I looked at for the purpose of this blog. Be sure to ask for assistance in the health store or pharmacy when choosing your essential oils.

If the thought of blending your own oils does not appeal to you don’t despair, there are many blends available to buy. All health stores and oil providers do have a selection of blends for you to choose from.

Note: the initial financial outlay to purchase essential oils can be a bit heavy so I advise starting with a few must have items and then building on your collection when you can.

Begin with a good carrier oil – Carrier oils are used to dilute essential oils as essential oils are really potent – I use sweet almond oil or coconut oil as my carriers of choice – but there are dozens, including apricot kernel oil, avocado oil, castor oil, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, olive oil and rosehip seed oil.

To begin with I would advise getting yourself some tea tree oil and some lavender oil, those are great for so many things ….

Here are just a few ways I use the 2 oils almost daily:

I make my own Body Scrub for pre/post-waxing – it is great for preventing and healing ingrown hairs as well as exfoliating. I use the same mixture under my arms a couple times a week, it is amazing at killing that nasty Body Odor bacteria that seems to linger during the hot summer months.

The recipe is ½ cup Epsom salts, ½ cup Himalayan pink salt (fine), ¼ cup coconut oil, 20 drops tea tree oil and 20 drops lavender. I mix it all up and keep it in a sealed container in the shower.

Tea tree oil is incredible for anything bacterial – one of my sons is prone to fever blisters, and whenever we see one of those suckers starting on his lip we zap it with tea tree oil – morning and night for a couple days and wham that blister is gone without a chemical product in sight!

I have a premixed bottle of tea tree/sweet almond that I keep in the bathroom and any time one of my little boys has a scrape or a weird pimple on his bottom I rub a drop of the mix on morning and night. It is great for keeping things clean, zapping pimples and aiding with healing.

Lavender oil is great for inducing a sense of calm as it has an incredible ability to eliminate nervous tension and relieve pain. It is also known for its disinfectant properties, as well as enhancing blood circulation and treating respiratory problems.

I use lavender oil in the bath, for many of my blends and I put a few spots of oil on the mattress protector when I change the bedding to help with a good night sleep.

More RECIPES to use Essential oils daily:

There are hundreds of essential oil blends for every conceivable purpose. I am going to give you a few of my recipes below just for you to see the versatility and benefit in using essential oils in everyday life:

Salt Bath:

A great way to use essential oils is to use Epsom salts, sea salt and lavender for a weekly Salt Bath, it is amazingly relaxing and the salts replenish magnesium and minerals.

In fact, just last week my 9-year-old got home from school completely frazzled and fraught at the thought of facing his homework, so I ran him a bath, popped in the salts and a few drops of lavender. He had a good soak and emerged, relaxed, way happier and ready to take on his soldier sums.

For myself I use 1 cup Epsom salts, 1 cup sea salt and about 5 drops of lavender; for the children (aged 6 & 9) I halve those quantities.

Nourishing Eye Serum:

Nourishing Eye Serum: A wonderfully nourishing and uplifting serum that I use around my eye area at night is Organic Sweet Orange oil. It is beautifully sweet smelling, incredibly nourishing, reduces anxiety and enhances sleep (amongst other wonderful properties).

I use a 20ml amber bottle: 10ml sweet almond oil (you can use any carrier oil of your choice), 5ml castor oil and 30 drops of organic sweet orange oil.

This blend lasts me at least 6months – I use 1 drop around each eye and 1 drop on my forehead; and I only use the blend at night as orange oil can make your skin light sensitive, so best not to use during the day.

After Sun Soothing & Healing Balm:

After Sun Soothing & Healing Balm: My children are forever forgetting their SPF50 and get sun burnt much to my shock and horror. Luckily their mama is prepared….

1 cup coconut oil, 20 drops peppermint oil and 20 drops tea tree oil. Mix up and store in the fridge.

It sets into a solid block which I break/cut up into manageable pieces. When needed, I grab a piece from the fridge and rub on the burnt area, the peppermint makes it wonderfully soothing and cooling, the coconut oil hydrates the skin and the tea tree aids in healing the burn.

Use as many times as needed – very rarely do we peel (and we are all very fair skinned). Just a note – avoid the eye area as the peppermint can be strong close to the eyes.

Hormone Balancing:

Hormone Balancing: I live with PCOS – that is polycystic ovarian syndrome – so really struggle with PMS and irregular menstruation. This blend, combined with regular Reiki/Gift of Health healing sessions has made a huge difference to my life (and the lives of my children who have a way less grumpy mama to deal with).

I apply the blend across my lower abdomen at night when I get into bed – a secondary benefit is that the regular massaging and oil has helped smooth out my stretch marks.

I use 20ml amber bottles to mix my blends: 15ml sweet almond oil (you can use any carrier oil of your choice), 10 drops lavender, 10 drops clary sage, 10 drops geranium, 3 drops ylang-ylang and 5 drops cypress oil.

I administer 5-7 drops in the evening to help regulate my hormones and deal with the symptoms of PMS.


Focus: Sometimes my 6-year-old boy needs a little assistance with sitting still and focusing at school. He is not a child that requires medication but just needs a little help every now and again.

When he is going through a restless stage I get him to put a drop of this blend on the inside of his wrists or the back of his neck before school. His teachers have all commented on the change: he concentrates better, is more focused and doesn’t distract the other children quite so much. Great result!

I use a 10ml amber bottle for this blend: 7ml sweet almond oil, 2 drops peppermint oil, 2 drops frankincense oil and 2 drops sweet orange oil.

Colds & Flu:

Colds and Flu: I keep a eucalyptus blend handy for when any of us get a cold and are slightly congested, it is great for rubbing the sinuses and chest area to relieve congestion.

I also add 3 drops of eucalyptus oil to the bath water.

For the blend I use a 10ml amber bottle: 9ml sweet almond oil and 5 drops eucalyptus oil.

Ticks & Fleas:

Ticks and fleas: You read right …. Bathing your dogs in a solution of water, apple cider vinegar and citronella oil is a fantastic way to keep the ticks and fleas at bay.

No more nasty chemicals, no more gigantic bills from the pet store. Simply mix 1 cup apple cider vinegar with 3 cups warm water, add 3-5 drops of citronella oil and wham you have an environmentally friendly, inexpensive tick and flea remedy.

You can also make up a solution to keep in a spray bottle to spray your dogs and their beds – the quantities for that are 1 cup apple cider vinegar and 1 cup water with 3-5 drops citronella oil. Use as and when you need.