Forgive and set yourself free. You deserve to be free.

Have you heard the quote: “Not forgiving someone is like drinking poison and expecting the other person die”?

You would never do that would you? – drink poison and expect the other person to die? I didn’t think so, and yet you hold onto your resentment, anger, hatred, feelings of betrayal and hurt, keeping them close as if they were your friends, when all they serve to do is bring you down.

Meditation-for-forgiveness gift to yourself

Negative feelings fester inside you. They make you feel bad. They attract more of the same. More anger, more bitterness, more sadness and feelings of heartache. Every time you think about the situation, whatever it may be, you bring up those negative emotions, and with negative emotions comes a lowering of your vibration.

I recently did a Radical Forgiveness course and was astounded at what I discovered a) about who I actually needed to forgive, and b) that the main person I needed to forgive was myself. It was nothing short of liberating to discover, and I spent my meditative time every day for the following 2 weeks forgiving myself (and others). Amazing what freedom feels like. No more self-inflicted shackles. No more guilt and constantly punishing myself over things I said or did 10 years ago. No more drudging up nasty feelings from the past. Just peace.

Forgiving others is just as liberating. Being able to think of someone without getting bogged down in the negative emotions is life changing. Truly letting go of the pain makes room for new emotions. It lightens your load.

There seems to be a misconception around forgiveness: people view forgiveness as condoning the behaviour of the wrong doer. This is not the case at all. Forgiving someone (or yourself) does not mean you are saying it is OK for them to have done what they did. No. Forgiveness is letting go of your attachment to what happened, acknowledging the event, acknowledging the hurt and pain caused, and then letting it go. Literally releasing it from your body so that you are no longer a prisoner to those feelings.

I believe forgiveness to be an ongoing journey. No one is perfect, we all make mistakes and will continue to do so throughout our lives. If you equip yourself with the right tools and recognise that they need to be used regularly you will find a lot of peace in your life. I most certainly have.

Forgiveness is Liberating

Have a look on for meditations on forgiveness and letting go. They are a good start to instilling easy, straight forward ‘forgiveness practices’ in your life.

Peace and happiness are way too valuable not to practice forgiveness.
Love and light to you as always xx