We often get a feeling of a place, sensing it giving a good or bad feeling. This is down to the vibration that the place or area is giving off and it is either a high or low vibration that we are sensing.

Why is it that some places leave is feeling great and others not? Is there just something about certain places that gives off a really great vibe, or can we in fact change the vibration that a place gives off by practicing or inserting high vibration elements into that space?

The answer is YES! We can most certainly change the vibration of a place.

It is particularly important to do this in spaces that we spend a lot of time, such as our work space and our homes. We want these places to be spaces that we feel positive, relaxed and can recharge rather than having our energy depleted by them. Below are several tips and practices that are really easy to implement and significantly, positively affect the space.

Ways to raise the vibration of your home or work space include:


De-cluttering is such a positive healing act, it frees space and can be really cleansing and cathartic; there just seems to be such a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment after we have had a good de-clutter session.

Getting rid of old clothes and items that we no longer use is essential in raising the vibration of a space, as is having a clutter free desk – it is proven that we are significantly more productive and creative in a clutter free environment.

A tip once you have de-cluttered in order to keep your space free from returning to a cluttered state is to borrow items, give gifts of ‘experience’ rather than material items, join the library instead of buying books and use the 6-month rule – if it hasn’t been worn or used in the past 6-months it needs to go.

Introducing Plants

Bringing plants into your home or work space is an easy and effective way to keep the air clean, uplift the mood and insert positive vibrations.

Experiencing nature is on the top of the list for raising one’s energy and if you are stuck in an office all day you have limited time to get out there, so why not bring some nature to you?

Plants not only cleanse the air that we are breathing, contributing to our health and wellbeing but they also improve mental health and promote positive energy.

Plants that are recommended for indoor use include cactus, aloe vera, orchids, bamboo and herbs such as mint and rosemary.

Put plants on your desk, in your bedroom and in the corners in your home that need positive energy.

clear you workspace energy
raise vibration in the home

Diffusing essential oils

Essential oils are great for cleansing, lifting moods and creating an ambience within a space, they also have healing and potent antimicrobial properties which remove viruses from the air.

Having an oil diffuser is an effective and diverse way to ensure the positive effect is felt throughout your home. There are many combinations of oils to use, from single oils that uplift or calm to dozens and dozens of blends that help with anxiety, depression, focus and so on.

You can also include essential oils in your bath time routine to help you relax and unwind.

Burning a Himalayan salt lamp

There are many benefits to having a salt lamp burning in your home – they give a lovely ambience, clean the air, work against the destructive ions that appliances put out into our environments and subsequently raise our vibrations.

Because the salt attracts water, the lamps have the power to remove dust, pollen, smoke and impurities from the air, give off negative ions which increases energy levels, remove static electricity, neutralize electromagnetic radiation, encourage sleep and improve the overall mood of a space.

I keep mine in my bedroom and it stays burning 24/7; at night I cover it with a navy scarf so that the glow does not keep me awake.

Whenever my sister-in-law goes into my bedroom she always comes out saying “your bedroom has such a lovely feeling to it”. I believe it is largely down to the Himalayan salt lamp.

Natural-Rock-Himalayan-Salt-Lamp glowing
smudging for spiritual cleansing


Smudging or burning herbs is an age-old practice to rid a space of it’s negativity and cleanse the air of impurities. It involves taking certain herbs, such as sage, in dried bundles, lighting the bundle and blowing out the flame, then allowing the smoke to drift around the space so that the healing properties and scent of the herb is released.

Smudging bundles can easily be made or can be bought at health stores if you are unsure about or reluctant to make your own.

Playing music

Music is known to alter vibrations and has been used as a healing mechanism for centuries. Studies have shown that certain kinds of music provide pain relief, enhance learning, fight fatigue, promote sleep and even benefit the immune system.

Music genres such as Classical, Jazz, Orchestral or Opera improve our state of mind, boost our mood and have positive vibrational effects. In saying that, any music that makes you feel good will do.

Waken my soul pure happiness

Written words

As we know, all words carry a vibrational frequency, including written words.

Appliances in our homes and working environments put out ‘positive’ ions (not positive in a good way) which are harmful to us and reduce our vibrations – the words ‘love, joy, peace, gratitude’ are all high vibrational words. I advise printing those words to blu-tack or tape onto all electronics in your home (such as the TV, fridge, microwave, laptop, tablet).

This will help in reducing or counteracting the negative vibration that these electronics bring to your home. You can also buy a mobile phone protector from most health shops, it is a small coin like item that you keep in your phone case and it works to protect you from the destructive vibration the phone puts out.

It is important to note that any written word sends out a vibration, so when writing or journaling be mindful to keep your words kind, loving and high vibrational.

Using or having Crystals

Crystals have been used as great healers, protectors and energizers since the start of time. They are beautiful to look, which in itself is a good reason to have crystals in your home or work space.

They also offer a multitude of benefits, including boosting emotional wellbeing, assisting in letting go of negative energy, encouraging creativity, balancing the chakras and healing, to name a few.

Please refer to my blog regarding choosing, cleansing and caring for your crystals for more information. Click here to view the post.

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