One of the best things we can do in this time of the Corona Virus is to support our immune systems. Fortunately there are a number of simple things we can do for ourselves.

Ways to Boost your Immune System include:


Our bodies are made to move. A lack of movement leads to a tightening in the fascia, the connective tissue surrounding our muscles and organs. This can cause chronic pain – something we don’t need right now!

Moderate exercise for 30 – 60 minutes a day is ideal, and if possible, do this 5 or 6 times a week. Choose a form of exercise that you enjoy.

Exercise increases our circulation and releases endorphins which make us feel happy, optimistic and full of vitality, all wonderful for boosting our immune systems.


Live, unprocessed foods are a great way of supporting our immune systems, so stock up on fruit and vegetables of all the colours of the rainbow!

Full of minerals, vitamins and anti-inflammatory properties that we need for a healthy body. Vegetables, salads, fruit, whole-grains, legumes, seeds, sprouts and nuts are absorbed slowly in our bodies. They control blood sugar levels, maintain the correct water and acid/alkaline balances in the body, and keep energy levels high. They detoxify the body on an ongoing basis.

This way of eating keeps the liver healthy, which is essential for good health and for the metabolism of medicines and supplements.


Water is wonderful, magical and essential. It’s life giving, cleansing, hydrating, regenerating and our best thirst quencher. Every cell depends on water to carry out its functions. It regulates body temperature, transports oxygen and nutrients to our cells, lubricates our joints and carries away waste products. Ideally we should sip water so that it trickles through our bodies filling every cell with life. We lose about 1.5 litres of water a day.

For every cup of dehydrating fluid, which includes alcohol, tea, coffee and cool-drinks, we lose approximately 2 cups of water. This must be replaced to ensure good hydration and to help with the prevention of degenerative diseases.

Water is the only substance that can exist in different forms but still maintain its chemical structure. It can exist as ice, water or water vapour but chemically it’s still water. This process is known as a phase transition – water is changing its state but maintaining its physical properties. In a way, water is setting a pattern for us. It is helping us to understand the opportunity of this time, which is to remember that we are beings of compassion.

As we practise compassion our vibration increases, and we become more spirit and less matter – we are becoming enlightened. This is a shift that we feel but don’t see, because its an energetic change, not a physical one. Like water we are going through a phase transition and we are blessed in having the pattern set for us!


We take about 20,000 breaths a day without realising that we are taking in life force energy as well as oxygen with every breath. These are our most important nutrients. Deep abdominal breathing will boost our immune system because it helps us to take in more of these vital nutrients.

Circular breathing is easy to use. Here the chest remains still, the belly expands with the in-breath and sinks back into the spine with the out-breath. This method relaxes the diaphragm, allowing the lungs to expand, so that more oxygen and energy are inhaled with every breath. Some researchers maintain that we restrict our breathing by 75% as we go through life, because of the tension we hold in our diaphragms.

When we remember that every organ needs a critical amount of energy to function well, we realise the importance of deep breathing. This way of breathing also relaxes the psoas muscles and increase the production of endorphins, again increasing immunity.


A daily dose of sunlight is a great idea right now to help protect us from the Corona virus. Vitamin D is formed in the skin in the presence of sunlight, a nice way to boost our levels of this. There is a part of us which craves the light of the sun, for every ray is bathing us in light, heat, life and love.

Perhaps we should give thanks each day for the beautiful sunlight we are blessed with and the love that it is. find time to sit in it each day, in stillness, absorbing its love and remembering it never judges nor discriminates, but just pours out love equally on everyone.


Positive emotions, such as love, joy, peace and gratitude boost our immune system and it’s interesting to know why this is so. We cannot hold two opposing emotions at the same time, so if we are upset about something and feeling angry or fearful, we just need to focus on someone we love, on happy memories, and the negative emotions will automatically fade – such a simple way of becoming positive again.

We have time at the moment to strengthen the bonds in our families and foster our love for each other.

Our hearts generate the strongest magnetic field in the body. The more loving we are the bigger and stronger this field becomes. This ensures a good supply of Life Force and consequently good health. In the early 1900’s, Dr Edward Bach’s work showed that there is always an emotional cause for every illness. We have the ability to deal with our emotions and have been given the time to do so. Let’s use it wisely.


Everything in life is cyclic. Each morning, on awakening, we embrace our physical reality. At night, when we enter a state of deep, dreamless sleep, we embrace our energetic self, a state when our minds and bodies are completely still.

In this perfect stillness our bodies are rejuvenated and we wake up refreshed and greet the new day with joy, gratitude and enthusiasm.


A still mind comes from prayer and meditation. Mediation is just letting go of thoughts, emotions, physical movement and going into the stillness that is at the centre of our being. It’s here that we feel the Love that we really are, the Love that brings wellness.

There are many different ways of meditating, so it’s just a case of finding a method you enjoy, and remember to be kind to yourself, because it takes a lot of practice to still the incessant chattering of the mind! Have a look at our downloadable Guided Meditations.

This is our final post on ways of strengthening our immunity, and we hope you have enjoyed them and found them helpful! We have enjoyed sharing them with you.

Namaste, x