There are so many ways that we are negative or experience negativity  every day, we don’t even realise it is happening. And it all affects your vibration, bringing you down.

This is an incredibly important aspect of the manifestation process to master, because if we are holding on to negativity we are creating blocks. Being able to let go of negative thoughts, feelings, behaviours, experiences and people is truly food for the soul. It is liberating. It is life changing.

A really effective way to eliminate negativity is to find positive ways of saying something, for example instead of saying “I hate XYZ” say “I prefer ABC” or “I would love to see more of ABC”.

Your language is really powerful – this includes language in thoughts, speech and writing. Putting negative words out there lowers your vibration. Positive words vibrate at a higher frequency. If you are working at releasing the negativity by thinking, saying and writing in a positive manner, you will be adding significantly to the increase in your vibration.

Ways to eliminate negativity and raise your vibration include:

Walk barefoot on grass, rock or sand

This is a great practice for grounding, connecting with source and receiving negative earth charge that ultimately raises your vibration. Earthing is the process of absorbing free flowing electrons from the earth’s surface through the soles of ones’ feet, and positively affects your vibration.

meditation by the lake


You can never go wrong with meditation. Regardless of the technique you use, meditation is a powerful tool in calming and centering your mind, releasing negativity, reinforcing positivity, grounding, connecting and healing. It is versatile and effective. Have a look at the guided meditations on

Give or receive Reiki / Energy Healing

I say Reiki as a general term; but practicing or receiving any of the energy healing therapies considerably raises a persons’ vibration. I practice intuitive healing and have collaborated with Allison Slater to record a workshop which teaches the hand positions and sequences enabling anyone to use the technique on themselves. It can be used daily or weekly and is wonderful for clearing blocks, balancing, healing and raising your vibration. Click here to view the self-healing workshop.

ways to eliminate negativity in your life

Have a gratitude session

Not enough praise can be bestowed on having an attitude of gratitude. Being deliberately and outwardly thankful is a sure-fire way to make yourself feel better and to raise your vibration. Even on days where you feel nothing else could go wrong there is always something to be grateful for, you just need to look.

From the fact that you woke up this morning and have food to eat, to the gap in traffic and (my favourite as we live in a tropical country) the fact that I have one of those insect zapping rackets when a mosquito invasion hits on a hot summers night. There is always something to be grateful for.

I implore you to get into the habit of practicing gratitude every single day, no exceptions. Seeing the silver lining is so important – even when a situation is not going as you had hoped it to go there is always a lesson to be learned. Be grateful for the lesson.

Finding things to be thankful for opens up your heart and puts out a vibration which will be coming back to you. The more you are grateful the more you will have to be grateful for, the more of a gratitude vibration you put out the more of that vibration you will attract.

Burn a Himalayan salt lamp in your bedroom

There are some many benefits to having a salt lamp burning in your home – they give a lovely ambience, clean the air, work against the negative ions that appliances put out into our environments and subsequently raise our vibrations.

Dye to the fact that salt attracts water, the salt lamps have the power to remove dust, pollen, smoke and impurities from the air, giving off negative ions which increases energy levels, removes static electricity, neutralizes electromagnetic radiation, encourages sleep and improves the overall mood. I keep mine in my bedroom and it stays burning 24/7; at night I cover it with a navy scarf so that the glow does not keep me awake.

Natural-Rock-Himalayan-Salt-Lamp glowing