• Waken My Soul is a place of support for you on your journey;

    Raising your vibration and assisting you in achieving a life you never dreamed possible.

  • A life filled with peace, love and happiness.

    A life where you are in control of your thoughts, your actions and your universe.

  • A life where you make mature choices

    based on what is best for your higher self.

  • A life where you can let go of the negative

    and become the best version of yourself.

Hello! And Welcome to Waken My Soul!

Online Energy Healing Practice and Guided Meditations

We are thrilled you have found this site – we believe the Universe has brought you here as part of your spiritual journey because there is something we can offer you or some knowledge you need to share with us. Please make yourself at home, we wish you all the best on your journey and hope that Waken My Soul and The Gift of Health, in particular, give you everything you need to progress for your highest good.

Sending Love and Light to you,

Kate xxx


Sacred Chakra


Solar Plexus


Heart Chakra


Throat Chakra


Third Eye Chakra


Crown Chakra

Authentic Experiences Shared

We believe there are many many people out there on a similar journey to – or who can benefit from what we have learned on  our collective journeys.

Years of Research

The practices on Waken My Soul have been developed from over 30 years experience across numerous energy medicine modalities.

Practices that Yield Results

We have spent thousands of hours studying and practicing both healing and meditation in order to hone in and gain guidance on our practices.

We are highly skilled at manifesting our dreams

Yes, you read right … and yes we know this site is dedicated to healing, growing, finding peace and raising our vibrations, BUT part of that is manifesting the life of our dreams.

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