About My Spiritual Journey

A spiritual awakening and is often preceded by a life trauma of sorts and my story is no different. After several traumatic events spanning a few years, I finally started to experience synchronicity which led me to onto the spiritual path I am on today and brought me to the  The Gift of Health Energy Healing practice.

When I started my journey, I had a lot of negative feelings and very little confidence. My path has led me to Energy Healing, where I have discovered a gift so great. A gift that I am able to lovingly share in order to heal, balance and bring peace to myself and those around me.

Through self-healing, meditation and daily vibration raising practices I have become stronger, kinder, more giving, mindful, grateful, abundant, joyful, tapped in to existence.

Over the past few years I have dedicated an astronomical amount of time to healing, learning and growing. I now offer you the lessons I have learned. Join me on my journey – always spreading light and love.

Are you ready to transform your  life?